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About Bob Last Photography

My photography is mainly for pleasure but I also do commercial work from time to time. I have been "snapping" for 40 years but this site is a selection of my recent stuff, mostly taken over the last 2 years. I carry a camera everywhere, much to the annoyance of my long suffering wife.

Regarding me, I have a zest for life and interest in many things, not just photography but travel, curry, walking, curry, cycling, curry, my old HP41CX calculator and ... curry! I live in Hertfordshire (UK) and am married with 2 grown up children.

I retired a few years ago after 25+ years in sales & marketing with high tech businesses and these days I finally have time. This means I can indulge in my lifelong weakness which is gold plating everything - doing things properly or not doing them at all!

If you would like to find out more about my photography, please feel free to get in touch